Friday, October 10, 2008

Earthquake monitoring system to be built in MoGao Grottoes

The Dunhuang Academy China, Gansu Earthquake Bureau and Lanzhou Institute of Seismology, China Earthquake Administration reached a cooperation project recently, that the earthquake monitoring system, specifically for the significant cultural heritages, will be built in the Mogao Grottoes. The system will be built in October, and completed next year.

The monitoring system will incorporate a seismic array and a strong motion observation array in Mogao Grottoes and the surrounding areas. The system will be part of the Gansu Province seismic network to make real-time monitoring.

The monitoring system monitors the situation of seismic activities in the Mogao Grottoes and the surrounding areas, and it also provides early warning for the protection of Mogao Grottoes.

By People's Daily Online

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